Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gaza-Israel Ceasefire 2012

Gaza/Israel Ceasefire

The ceasefire was announced on 21st November in Cairo by Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The ceasefire took effect at 19:00 GMT. The announcement finally came after 8 days of bloodshed which left over 140 Palestinians and 5 Israelis dead. Just prior to the ceasefire taking effect, there was a brief shower of rocket fire and air strikes from both sides. 

According to the BBC, rockets have been fired from Gaza since the ceasefire came into effect but the rockets either landed in open areas or were shot down by the Iron Dome Defence system. Israel has not responded. Both sides have claimed that they will retaliate if either side breaks the truce. Although life in Gaza and Southern Israel is slowly returning to normal, serious doubts and concerns remain on both sides that the ceasefire will last. Meanwhile according to Reuters, Israel’s forces have arrested 55 suspected Palestinian militants including “senior operatives”.

Details of the Egyptian brokered Ceasefire Deal

  1. Israel must end all land, air and sea hostilities on Gaza. This includes incursions and targeting individuals.
  2. All Palestinian factions in Gaza to end all hostilities against Israel, including rocket and border attacks.
  3. Following a 24 hour cooling-off period after the start of the ceasefire, talks must begin on opening crossings into Gaza and allowing the free movement of goods and people.
  4. Both sides are to assure Egypt that they will abide by the ceasefire deal and to follow up on any reports if there have been any breach of the deal.

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