Monday, September 27, 2010

Moon Valley

This is one of the great projects I reckon. Selling Palestinian agricultural produce in the West with the help of a leading member of the British Jewish community. Well done Lord Stone. He sets us all an example. And if you have cash to invest they are still looking for a further £200,000 to add to the £300,000 they have pledged. Incidentally for anyone who wants to see it this is the Utube 'upload' of the 6 minute DVD on the Moon Valley project:

Cup half full?

Now don't you find this interesting? How negative and gloomy people can be when things are - in reality - not half so bad as they think they are. This comes from the wonderful Israeli "Peace Index" people:

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hamas shooting in West Bank targets talks in Washington.

On the eve of direct talks between Israel and Palestine, four Jewish settlers were killed near Hebron in a drive-by shooting. Hamas claimed responsibility for this “heroic operation”.

Palestinian security forces reacted swiftly to the shooting by arresting 150 Hamas members- recognizing that this incident could derail peace talks in Washington before they even started.

However this was not enough to stop West Bank settlers pledging to resume immediate settlement building- in defiance of the current settlement freeze by the Israeli government.

This incident is a stark reminder that Hamas plays a central role in Palestinian politics, and cannot be ignored in the upcoming peace talks.