Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Daniel Levy on the Winograd report

Five for fighting
By Daniel Levy
Guardian, Comment is free
April 30, 2007

Five lessons can be learned from today's report on Israel's war with Lebanon. In the interest of avoiding another conflict, we should take them to heart.

First, the report is mainly about better wars, not fewer wars. Israel's elected leadership and its military have the duty to protect and defend the Israeli public...

The report does point out that Israel's military preparedness has suffered as a result of its ongoing role in the Palestinian territories: while the country's military is very practiced in occupation, it is ill-prepared for challenging, mobile warfare....One could only hope that, among the myriad lessons Israel will be learning, the most obvious one will not be lost: end the occupation.

The report, to its credit (and from what I've read so far, it is a serious document), does also question the limited use made of diplomatic and political efforts before and during the war, and the lack of a planned exit strategy.


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William said...

Interesting guy Danny Levi. He was the one who pushed the "Holy Basin" idea with regard to all the Holy sites in the Jerusalem area being in the control of their respective communities