Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Abandonment

Rafi of ATFP sent us this item. You will remember Aaron Miller, the author, as the visionary "Seeds of Peace" boss. He writes depressingly of the failure of Bush to support Israelis and Palestinians. The word on the street in Washington is that Bush will remain a lame duck on peace process issues but he will buy into anything initiated by allies such as Britain or Japan. The Washington Post opinion by Aaron Miller analyzes how uniquely ill-positioned to manage the Arab-Israeli conflict the U.S. is, despite the issue being more critical to U.S. national interests and security than it ever has been:

THE ABANDONMENT By Aaron David Miller - Washington Post, Opinion - April 29, 2007
For almost seven years, the Bush administration has hung a"Closed for the Season" sign on serious Arab-Israeli diplomacy. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent Middle East mission has shown that the administration is now finally open forArab-Israeli business. But the Rice initiative is almost certainly way too little, way too late.


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