Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Livni Accuses Netanyahu of “Diplomatic Stupidity”

Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni has criticised Prime Minister Netanyahu’s foreign policy on the grounds that it has endangered Israel by “putting the United States into a corner”. Speaking at a special Knesset debate on Monday ahead of the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN, Livni heavily criticised Netanyahu for a lack of action in the face of harsh diplomatic realities and international isolation for the state of Israel. In the light of diplomatic difficulties with the Palestinians, Turks and Egyptians, Livni emphasised that Israel cannot afford to alienate its friends in the United States. The Kadima leader said “They [the United States] don't understand Israel's policy, they don't understand why the stubbornness over settlements, they don't believe the prime minister of Israel when he says 'two states' but doesn't do anything about it.” Livni asserts that Netanyahu’s claim that he is committed to a two-state solution and his subsequent refusal to take any steps to realize this goal has aroused American suspicions of the Prime Minister. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is to officially submit his bid for full UN membership for the Palestinian state to the General Assembly on Friday.

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