Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hurrying the End Game

Peacenik Tony Klug is an inspirational character if a little naive sometimes. He's come out with the idea that the Israelis should submit their wish list and the Palestinians theirs and the Quartet arbitrate the outcome. Well, that's a rough idea of it - the full thing is on the link below. Point is (in my view) that we are on the long road to peace and there's no longer the same opportunity for a quick fix. We have to deal with the status quo I guess until the next war. Peace, if the State of Israel is to survive in an era of mutually assured destruction, has become inevitable. But not yet. We must now work towards a ten year timescale rather than a ten month timescale.

There is room for quick fixes like the one Tony propounds - but we should no longer depend on them.

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