Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama slams Carter for meeting Hamas

This comes in from ATFP. So it seems that putative President Obama's we'll talk to anyone dictum is qualified with a "Not if they believe in the obliteration of Israel" rider. Has anyone told him that though Hamas' devotion to a one state solution is qualified, the great rejectionists are the Iranians these days. Is he not going to talk to them after all? If so he might as well have kept his mouth shut in the first place. But I don't mean to be harsh on the boy. He has a difficult row to hoe.

PHILADELPHIA - U.S. Senator Barack Obama on Wednesday criticized former U.S. President Jimmy Carter for meeting with leaders of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas as he tried to reassure Jewish voters that his presidential candidacy is not a threat to them or U.S. support for Israel. The Democratic presidential candidate's comments, made to a group of Jewish leaders in Philadelphia, were his first on Carter's controversial meeting scheduled this week in Egypt.


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