Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amazing Grace

Anyone who wants to understand why a one state solution is unacceptable for almost all Israelis should read this item which comes in from Felix, who writes of this interview with the historian Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell, "A most moving and extraordinary story. Suggest you put this on your blog":

"I did not come to Israel to live in a binational state. If I had wanted to live as a minority, I could have chosen places in which it is both more pleasant and safer to live as a minority. But neither did I come to Israel to be a colonial ruler. In my eyes, nationalism that is not universalist, nationalism that does not respect the national rights of others, is a dangerous nationalism. That is why I think the time is pressing. We have no time. And what worries me is that the good life here and the money and the stock market and the homes at Manhattan prices are producing a terrible delusion. After all, it's clear that things cannot go on like this for another hundred years - I am not sure they can go on for another 10 years."


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