Thursday, January 17, 2008

'There is no end to the rocket fire'

An woman is treated for her wounds sustained during a Kassam attack in Sderot on Tuesday.  50 rockets yesterday, already 13 as of 10 o' clock today.
Photo: AP
From JPost. com

Fatigue and a shower meant Hadas Inataev was out of harm's way when a rocket struck her neighbor's back yard on Wednesday evening and left her kitchen window scattered across her floor.

An hour later, the Sderot resident sat trembling in her living room.

"We don't even have a safe-room in the house," the diminutive mother of four told The Jerusalem Post.

Sometimes when she hears the warning sirens, she cowers in her kitchen doorway. There is a bomb shelter nearby, but it is one of the 18 of the town's 58 shelters that are locked because they are not up to standard.

"So we look for the safest spot in the house," Inataev said.

On Wednesday, she headed for the shower at the same time that a Kassam barrage hit the town.

Twenty-five percent of parents opted not to send their children to school.

Tycoon Arkadi Gaydamak paid for 110 teens to stay at a guest house near Jerusalem until the end of the week. Among those who left was Inataev's 17-year-old son.

She herself was determined to ignore the sirens in favor of a shower.

"I told myself that if a rocket falls on the house, at least I'll die clean," she said, a weak smile crossing her face.

Once she finished in the bathroom, her husband needled her about making dinner before he went to work in a nearby factory.

She told him she preferred to sit on the sofa with their eight-year old son for a few minutes.

That's when another siren rang out, followed by a loud noise.

"I thought a rocket hit the house. I wanted to hold my son. I reached out to grab him, when the force of the blast pushed us to the floor," she said.

Now, she said, he is too scared to sleep at home, so she sent him to spend the night at her brother's.

"My entire body hurt from fear and from the fall," she said.

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