Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Petition

This came in today from Reuben Jacobs. I guess these things help:

Hi, have you heard about the Annapolis Middle East peace summit? The Annapolis conference is an amazing opportunity for peace in Israel/Palestine.
However, many are concerned by the possible consequences should the attendees lack the strength of will to seize this opportunity.
We believe that another handshake, another photo opportunity accompanied by words of peace that are not matched by actions will mean that Annapolis has failed.
We fear the consequences if Annapolis fails. We fear for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, for the stability of the Middle East region and for world peace.
We demand peace!Please join us in demanding peace by signing our petition which we will deliver, prior to the start of Annapolis to The Whitehouse, The Prime Minister of Israel's Office, the Office of the President of the Palestinian Authority and Downing Street. Click on the link below, to access the petition. And please tell everyone.


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