Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Syria: US to invite Qatar, Syria for Nov meet

Syria: US to invite Qatar, Syria for Nov meet

Thank God for small mercies. See also this - sent in by Rafi Dajani of ATFP:

A New York Times editorial welcomes the Bush administration's invitation of Syria to the Fall Mideast meeting and urges Secretary Rice to work towards the signing of a formal document by Israelis and Palestinians that lays out in as much details as possible the contours of a final peace settlement.

Published: September 25, 2007
We welcome President Bush’s decision to include Syria on the list of countries invited to a November Middle East peace meeting. The president’s distaste for such efforts — aides still balk at the term “peace conference” — is only slightly less visceral than his distaste for Syria. We hope this means that Mr. Bush and his aides are finally ready to push all sides to make the compromises essential for moving toward an Israeli-Palestinian peace.


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