Friday, August 17, 2007

Fayad issues conditions for Palestinian peace deal

Rafi Dajani of ATFP sends this item in which The Independent (UK) reports on conditions set by Palestinian PM Fayyad concerning reconciliation with Hamas - interesting eh? a weak non elected government issues conditions for the surrender of a stronger elected government - or have I got it wrong? It would seem that Fayad is deliberately making Hamas an offer it cannot accept. Presumably he does not want any reconciliation - well he'd lose his job wouldn't he?

FAYAD ISSUES CONDITIONS FOR PALESTINIAN PEACE DEAL By Donald Macintyre Independent (UK) August 17, 2007

Hamas has to renounce "any and all" claims to govern Gaza before there can be any reconciliation between the Palestinian factions, Salam Fayad, the Prime Minister of the two-month-old emergency Palestinian administration in Ramallah, said yesterday.
The tough conditions laid down by Mr Fayad will be taken as a clear rebuff for recent international calls for early dialogue between Fatah and Hamas in the wake of June's bloody infighting when Hamas seized internal control of Gaza by force after 100 lives were lost in a single week. A group of European foreign ministers - including those from France, Italy and Spain - as well as the British Foreign Affairs Committee have urged such talks.


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