Saturday, July 14, 2007

As Shells Fall, Goods Go to Gaza

This New York Times item comes in from Rafi Dajani at ATFP. I am not sure how realistic it is. The Gaza clampdown seems total. For the first time ever I cannot get in. Well not yet anyhow - we are still trying.

KEREM SHALOM, Israel, July 11 — Real life has a way of intruding into the airy absolutes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each side may deny the other’s historical legitimacy, or plot the other’s demise, but somehow, the gritty business of coexistence marches on.

For the past month, since the Islamic militants of Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, Israel has kept the main commercial crossing point at Karni shuttered, squeezing the life out of the limp Gazan economy. Israel bans contact with Hamas, and Hamas seeks Israel’s destruction, making border crossing etiquette more precarious than elsewhere.