Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wisdom of waiting

It is forty years to the day since the Six Day War. Lord Stone called for this anniversary to herald a "Six Day Peace". For the Arab World the '67 war resonates as a catastophe. For the Jewish World it is a victory. Some on the right in Israel draw lessons from 1967 that they attempt to apply in 2007. Felix sends the following item:

Lessons of Six Day War still applicable in face of ongoing rocket attacks By Michael Oren Yediot Ahronot May 20, 2007
The Palestinians are resorting to terrorism to attack Israel, Syria is threatening to embark on a war, hostile elements exploit southern Lebanon as a base for launching attacks on Israel - and the world condemns any Israeli attempt to defend ourselves through revenge attacks. This scenario is very familiar to us through our daily existence, but it also describes the situation Israel found itself in 40 years ago, during the process that led to the Six-Day War's outbreak. Then as now, Fatah members carried out terror attacks from the West Bank, while other Palestinian groups emerged from southern Lebanon with the aim of hitting Israeli targets. Syria, which at the time was also controlled by the Baath party, frequently called for war to liberate "occupied Arab land."


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