Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hamas war chief reveals his plans for Gaza peace

This from Davis who writes: Did you see this (below or here) in the Observer? Interesting to see just how much Hamas hates Dahlan...

The man now controlling Gaza City talks exclusively to Mitchell Prothero about his plans
Sunday June 24, 2007 The Observer

At the height of the fighting 10 days ago in Gaza City, the commander of the Hamas militants laying siege to the Palestinian Authority compound received a call from his Fatah counterpart inside. 'He asked if we were going to invade and take the building,' said Abu Obieda, the top Hamas military commander for the Gaza Strip. 'He said if we entered his compound, he would kill himself.'

'Abu Obieda begged him not to commit such a sin,' interjected Abu Khalid, one of his lieutenants. 'He promised him that he and all of his men would be protected if they just surrendered. And finally they did. And all of them are still alive and free in their homes.'


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