Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Elections in Israel

Though they have been eclipsed by the terrible violence unfolding in Gaza, there have been two elections in Israel over the last few days.

First, Ehud Barak deafeated Ami Ayalon Tuesday for the head of the Labor party. It does not look like he will pull out of the coalition and so is likely to replace Peretz as Defense Minister.

Click here to read full report on Barak's election

The second, was Wednesday's election fo the elder statesman Shimon Peres to the largely ceremonial position of President. The implication that makes this more interesting is that Peres will now no longer be on the list of probable contenders to replace Olmert, if he is unable to continue in office after the final Lebanon War report is released in August.

For full article on Shimon Peres, President Elect, click here

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