Friday, May 04, 2007

Israel and Conflict

Rafi of ATFP draws the following article to our attention: A Financial Times (UK) editorial urges the international community to get seriously involved in promoting the Arab Peace Initiative in the absence of the absence of political forces in Israel able to respond positively to it currently.

ISRAEL AND CONFLICT Financial Times May 2, 2007
The commission investigating the conduct of Israel's 34-day war against Hizbollah last summer has told Israelis and the world what many of them already knew: that the political and military leadership performed incompetently and recklessly, and that, by over-reaching, it gave a damaging public exhibition of the limits to Israel's otherwise overwhelming might.
That is a strategic disaster for which Ehud Olmert, now the most unpopular prime minister in Israeli history, will eventually pay a heavy political price. But probably not yet.


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