Friday, March 16, 2007

Why the unity government is not worth the paper it is written on

Those drawing any kind of equivalence between the two sides in the ME conflict, or working towards accepting the unity government which was established yesterday - and condemning supposed Israeli 'intransigence', would do well to view the items below (An overview from Haaretz is here):

From the Hamas website, which prominently displays a banner with all of mandate Palestine, just in case we were (and I never was) under any illusions as to what Hamas stands for, here is their proud declaration that the new government will support 'resistance'. Combined with the picture of the map, their statements, perhaps we can now be realistic once more and see that rather than Hamas 'resisting', it is Israel that is defending itself against terror which tries to eliminate her from the map.

I am not in the business of using such emotive terms usually, but when one views the video below - part of Hamas' plan to prepare the next generation to continue the fight, barbaric seems just about the only word. Judge for yourself. I give you Hamas TV. Now please, peace requires realism. See for yourself what you're dealing with:

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William said...

A small technical point - the Al Qassam brigades website is the website of the Military Wing of Hamas - not the main Hamas website which is different