Friday, March 16, 2007

UNESCO: Dig not harming Temple Mount

Personal Comment by Davis:

I have continuously flagged up this Arab / Muslim incitement, declaring in Friday sermons that the Jews will destroy the temple mount. Those few crazies amongst us who'd contemplate it - count them on two hands - are all known to the Israeli security services - who actually do their job and prevent extremists acting from amongst our midst. The whole story was ludicrous, since Israel wants peace and not a war with the Muslim world over holy sites... nevertheless, the Arab street says otherwise, since the Imam told them. And the Imam certainly knows what the Jew is up to...

An investigation by UNESCO into the excavation currently being undertaken by the Israel Antiquities Authority in an area adjoining the Temple Mount compound has concluded that the dig is not doing any damage to the holy site. The investigation has found that the dig is being carried out with full transparency, and in no way damages the Temple Mount, according to Israeli officials quoted in the media this morning. UNESCO will, however, request that Israel suspend the excavation until further international observation has taken place. The report also concludes that Israel should have consulted with UNESCO and the Islamic Wakf, which administers the Temple Mount area, before beginning the dig. Israeli officials said that the report seems contradictory, in that its findings exonerate Israel of any wrongdoing, while its recommendations appeared more hostile. The report is due to be presented to UNESCO's Director General, Koichiro Matsuura, today.

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