Saturday, February 03, 2007

NCF Sec General Reports from Gaza

As of 12 noon today Friday the situation was,

Fatah is consolidating its forces around the Islamic University and The PA complex in mid town known as As Sorayah. Fighting continues throughout Gaza. Presidential Guard forces around Al Deira hotel are under r.p.g. attack.

Hamas leaders are "underground". Islamic Jihad / PFLP are trying to negotiate a truce. A meeting is supposed to be ongoing at the Egyptian consulate in Gaza.

Hamas have killed General Commander Abdul Kader As Saleem the intelligence chief.

Hamas have destroyed Preventative Security HQ

Hamas have destroyed the Fatah Training Ground in Tel al Hawar (fifty injured in that encounter - all injuries sustained by Fatah)

Hamas have utterly destroyed four Fatah security centres in North gaza.

At 12 noon 17 killed and 175 injured - mostly Fatah (22 of the injured are critically injured)

From William Morris, NCF Secreatry General, in Al Deira, Gaza - 3 pm local time

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