Monday, January 29, 2007


William writes: Today, sadly, a bombing in Israel to add to the misery. And things in Gaza are bad. I will cross through Eretz to Gaza tomorrow (Tuesday) to see what the NCF can do in our small way to ease the situation. Keep us in prayer. See item below. On a positive note - David Sassoon and other NCF members in Israel launched a peace with Syria campaign in Jaffa last night so there are always candles that shine in the darkness:

Agence France-Presse - 29 January, 2007
Rival Palestinian factions welcomed a Saudi offer to mediate an end to violence that has cost 26 lives in Gaza, in the deadliest round of clashes since Hamas came to power a year ago. As the deadly violence continued in the coastal strip for a third day running, Saudi King Abdullah offered to hold talks in the Muslim holy city of Mecca to stop the "disgraceful" fighting. "I invite my brothers of the Palestinian people, represented by their leaders ... to a quick meeting in their brotherly homeland Saudi Arabia ... to discuss their differences without any intervention from outside parties," he said in an appeal carried by the state news agency SPA. The ruling Hamas movement and the Fatah party of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas both welcomed the offer."The leadership of ... Hamas favourably welcomes the invitation of the Saudi king for a meeting (in Mecca) with our brothers in the Fatah movement to address our problems and to reach an accord to form a national unity government," said Meshaal by telephone from Damascus, where he is in exile.

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