Saturday, January 06, 2007

Church message to Congress

This item was submitted by Afif in Washington:

Churches for Middle East Peace has sent a letter of greeting to the 110th Congress. The letter urges the new Congress "to make a negotiated resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in the context of a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace initiative, an urgent priority" in 2007. The letter points out that "progress toward Israeli-Palestinian-Arab peace will require bi-partisan Congressional support and encouragement for the Administration" and reminds the Senators and Representatives that "church advocates around the country will support [their] work on behalf of peace in the Holy Land". A link to the full letter is included below.
In preparation for advocacy in 2007, CMEP has begun updating its Government Contacts page with the current information available (please continue to check back in the coming weeks as subcommittee membership is assigned).
Feb. 16-26 is the first scheduled Congressional recess. The second is over Easter/Passover from March 30-April 10 for the Senate and March 30-April 16 for the House (2007 Congressional Calendar).

Letter in PDF Format: House/Senate

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