Saturday, December 30, 2006


A New Year message:

Geoffrey Whitfield who used to head up the "Sports for Peace" organisation has been raising money (over £500 so far) towards the work of the "Innkeeper cum stable maker" in Bethlehem. He writes: At £15 a week, you can work out how many people can be employed for a month as they renovate houses in Bethlehem for families to live in "At such a time as this". At the same time, the unemployed are given the dignity of work. He is forwarding donations to Sister Maria in Bethlehem.
Geoffrey's Home address for those who need it:
37 The Gallops
East Sussex BN7 1LR

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nextcenturyfoundation said...

This was Geoffrey's original message:

A friend of mine -a nun-is into the rebuilding job in Bethlehem.
When I was there in March she had a bunch of young married men who were out of work and she was getting materials -don't ask me how-to reinstate/renovate the homes that had been destroyed by the Israeli in the last three and a half years.

So she was doing four things,
1. Giving them jobs-they were all out of work
2. Getting homes for young families-their homes were no longer habitable - I saw them
3. Restoring their dignity as husbands, Dads and craftsmen.
4. Making real, "Thy will be done on earth" .

This year
59 homes have been made habitable-so 59 families have been rehoused
24 young married men have been "employed" - at £3 per day -yes- £15 per week!

Next year there are scores of houses to be renovated
Talk about the "stable" and "nowhere to lay his head"!

I shall send her a cheque after Christmas-if you want to add to it, please send me something-say a week's pay- or more . If you cannot , then remember Sister Maria of Bethlehem in your prayers- she is some feisty woman!
She also needs all the back up we can give.