Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blair backs Olmert on Palestinian elections

Chris Doyle of Caabu posted this item with us today. William comments: Tony Blair is doing his best to promote a Palestinian civil war and again betraying democracy with his shameful actions. For an honourable Palestinian perspective click here for a Karma Nabulsi item:

Tony Blair has given his backing to Palestinian President Abbas's plans to hold early elections and has offered his help encourage support and anew aid package from the International Community (Daily Telegraph, FT, Guardian,Independent, Times). One of his proposals is reportedly to funnelmillions of pounds in aid directly to security forces under the controlof Mahmoud Abbas in what is seen as a controversial move to bolsterAbbas in his escalating battle against Hamas.(Guardian/Times) Hamas hasaccused Blair of inflaming the political situation (Times/Independent) Blair's plans are said to mark a significant shift in his previouspolicy of prioritizing the promotion of democracy in the region. (DT)

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Davis said...

Perhaps it is possible to argue that Mr Blair's policies are counterproductive. Perhaps so much so that they could lead to civil war.

Calling him 'shameful' for 'betraying democracy' though, is to come from a warped point of view as regards Hamas.

Hamas is not a legitimate democratic government, but a murderous organisation, unrepentant in its advocacy and conduct of terrorism.

Calling Tony Blair shameful for being part of the effort to contain these thugs and their murderous ideology - utilising argument after argument after argument as to why in each circumstances they ought to be excused - is not in my opinion a valid path on the road to an accomodation between Israel and Palestine.

Please stop justifying these extremists. They are no more democratic than Tony Blair is shameful for opposing them.