Monday, March 20, 2006

A Palestinian perspective

This post is from William

I feel ashamed of the way my country has behaved which I regard as a betrayal of Palestine. The events in Jericho are profoundly disturbing. Of themselves they are no worse than many ordeals Palestine and the Palestinians have had to endure. But the behaviour of the British in dishonouring the agreement they had with the Palestinian Authority is unconscienable.
Perhaps therefore, it is out of a sense of collective guilt that I post this comment received today from one of our young Palestinian members resident in the West Bank, Nisreen - known to many of you. These words are hers:

i believe the only thing that can be saved in this conflict is human degnity, excuse my idealistic vision for this world, but i no longer believe that the conflict can be solved in a two state solution, there can only be one state solution to this conflict. A state that put on its first agenda equality and dignity for all of its citizens regardless of their religion or ideology. In other words, state for all of its citizens. Israel and its government destroyed every option and a possibility for a two states solution. But i guess there is no harm in having a secular state for all of its citizens regardless of their religion. Anyway, i am not following very much with the political news of the region, the only thing that the peace process gave to the Palestinians and forced it on them is a legitimization of the occupation, that is the only meaning for the phrase 'peace process' means nowadays: Legitimization of the occupation, and since as an individual Palestinian i believe this is not that what Palestinians agreed and wanted to achive through peace process, we wanted to see an end to the occupation, what we got was the opposite and not only that, we got the whole world putting pressure on us to accept the new name given to the presence of occupation on our land, something that we will never do. So in fact sorry to tell you that, but i see the whole process as a waste of time, unless it brings a true and complete end of the Israeli occupation from all of our lands and not only spots that they chose to evacuate while still controling our lives, confiscating our lands, destroying every aspect of our wellbeing, i do not want to disappoint you william with all of this, but in fact, the minute that Israeli occupation forces placed the first block of their 9 cement wall on our land, this meant that there is no meaning for all of this political process, they never halted attacking every aspect of our life. and in fact, they are doing everything within their hands to destroy any form of any political process, so why should us Palestinians pay for their crimes. There is no state solution to the conflict, without having a just solution, and even the compromised 'Just' solution that our leadership agreed to, it was killed by the Israeli polices in the occupied territories. There will be no solution to the conflict without ending the occupation. And since Israel is determined to continue its presence and occupation over our lands, and destroying any two states solutions, so the only option left is a one state solution, because definitly we will not accept a 'Ghetto ' state supervised by Israel.

This is when it comes to the situation in Palestine, not following up with the news, since it is so sad to see, but yes the future is bright, now we are dreaming of a one secular state for all of its citizens, let Israel continue to live in its dream of occupation, wars and destruction, while we continue our dream of having a state that got respect to human degnity and for all of its citizens regardless of their religion. . . surely the world can be normal, not like the sick minded people we see every day, and surely there are alot out there that i still want to do in my life. . .

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Davis said...

I do not understand the allaying of collective guilt part here. In any case, come on. Not to ignore any suffering, but you could insert a piece by an Israeli that is just as strongly biased. The so called one-state solution is not a solution. Israel could and should not accept it for obvious reasons. How would Hamas act in that one state?

A diplomatic organisation should, whilst never ignoring suffering, pursue realistic policies and debate about them in order to alleviate suffering on all sides.